21st August 2017

What Is Behind The Popularity of Granite Kitchen Countertops?

Why Are Granite Kitchen Countertops So Popular Among South Africans?   There are many reasons why granite kitchen countertops remain in such high demand among South […]
30th May 2017

Why Marble and Granite Make the Best Surfaces

There are so many reasons why people choose marble and granite surfaces. These countertops are famous for its durability and aesthetic appeal, and one certainly doesn’t […]
25th January 2017

Most Popular Stone, Used for Kitchen Countertops

Stone kitchen countertops have soared in popularity over the last couple of years. We receive more requests for these types of kitchen countertops than ever before […]
9th December 2016

How Marble and Granite Are Quarried

Ever since ancient times, marble was extracted from the Apuan Alps. However, it’s not the only place in the world where marble can be found. And […]
21st November 2016

Top rock stands for beautiful, ergonomic and hygienic granite and marble kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops are somewhat the key feature of your kitchen – key in a number of ways, not least being the area that your food is […]
17th October 2016

2016’s Best Kitchen Countertop Ideas

The kitchen often acts as the heart of a home and redesigning your kitchen means thinking carefully about what you want out of your kitchen countertops. […]
9th September 2016

Choosing The Best Marble and Granite for Your New Kitchen

The choice between marble and granite isn’t always an easy one. It depends on large part on the aesthetic effects you want to achieve in your […]
15th July 2016

Frequently Asked Questions About Marble and Granite

Beautiful and quality marble and granite remain popular types of stones for countertops used in many different areas of the home or office. Although both stones […]
13th June 2016

Finding the Perfect Fit for Kitchen Countertop’s Edges

If your walls were straight and true, then installing a countertop would be a little easier. However, many properties’ walls are likely to be slight off. […]
9th May 2016

Marble and Granite Installation Fails and How To Fix Them

Countertops are manufactured with durability in mind. However, even the strongest of marble and granite countertops can encounter problems now and then. In order to get […]
11th April 2016

Where Do Granite Slabs for Granite Countertops Come From?

The great forces involved in creating the unique colour combinations and striations in granite countertops is complex and intricate. In its raw form, exotic and classic […]
7th March 2016

Top Trends in Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom countertops certainly have many roles to fulfill. As a result they need to be water resistant, low maintenance, durable and, above all, stylish. There are […]
8th February 2016

Different Finishes for Granite Countertops

Granite countertops can be finished differently. You can choose to have them polished, honed or flamed. Each of the methods add a different character and unique […]
8th January 2016

The strong and the beautiful: the latest in granite colours

What is the first image that you think of when you think of granite? Perhaps a sparkly salt and pepper counter top that you have seen […]
2nd December 2015

Reward yourself by installing marble surfaces at home

Do you have some time these December/January holidays to take some time off and revamp or freshen up the interiors of your house? If so, we […]
19th November 2015

Let Your Dream Kitchen Come to Life with Right Surface

You have been daydreaming about redoing the kitchen for years. You have an assortment of mood boards, a daily email from Pinterest on the latest trends […]
12th October 2015

Building Quality and Child Friendly Staircases

For every homeowner, the safety of their children is a top priority. At Top Rock, we bring years of experience and expertise in designing and building […]
18th September 2015

Top Trends in Bathroom Surrounds

Stay up to date with the latest trends Bathroom surrounds are ever-changing and with every passing year, people are preferring certain options over others – here […]
11th August 2015

A Few Things To Consider When Installing Rock Countertops

Installing granite and marble tops in your home is one of the best investment you can make. However, it isn’t an easy endeavour to undertake. The […]
8th July 2015

Marble Kitchen Countertops to Enhance Your Home’s Appearance and Value

A themed kitchen is a popular trend sweeping through South Africa. In fact, this trend has been around for years. Thanks to higher demand for quality […]
28th May 2015

Granite or Marble – Kitchen Perfection

You may be considering using a stone finish in the remodelling of your kitchen.  Stone creates a remarkable natural aesthetic finish and gives a kitchen a […]
8th May 2015

Pool Spillways

A perfectly manicured garden with lush trees, skillfully matched flowers and evergreen grass is beautiful, but once you add a pool spillway it transforms into a […]
16th March 2015

Fireplaces: Trends and Safety at Home

A fireplace in a residential estate is still considered a luxury, even in this day and age. However, that doesn’t make it any less lucrative. Today […]
12th February 2015

The Extravagance of Staircases

It’s true; granite and marble truly make a house look and feel luxurious; whether it’s the ultra modern bathroom countertops or the kitchen island made of […]
9th January 2015

2015’s Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends

We’ve put together a list of the hottest new trends in kitchen interiors. Granite Counter Tops Naturally this remains one of the most versatile kitchen decor […]